I'm only human...

NSFV unless 18+. All images are from internet, unless they're folks I know (my kids, my woman, me, etc). All picture titles come from my mind. All ideas (captions) are either my own or have been linked to the correct source.

I love my two kids (angels) more than anything that this earth has to offer. Other loves of mine: art, black women, sports, music, black women, covers.com, finding value in everything, & black women.

I am white - and a guy. Atlanta native with the love of racial integration in my blood. An An-Cap that despises any form of government, uncommonly athletic, & intellectually quiet.

Came to earth in the 70's and grew up on Basie, Mingus, Hall & Oates, Blakey, Tyner, Earth Wind & Fire, & Creedence Clearwater Revival. What KRIT said applies to me, "If it don't touch my soul, then I can't listen to it".


The Hall…
(Quite possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my lifetime)


The Hall…

(Quite possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my lifetime)


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